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Hello, I am Seunggi Lee

A Front-End Web Developer

About Me

Problem Solver, Team Player, Adaptive Mind

Seunggi Lee profile

I am a front-end web developer with a background in neuroscience research currently based in downtown Toronto. Through 5+ years of research lab experience, I am extremely confident at working on challenging problems while being on tight deadlines and to come up with definitive result collaborating with diverse teams. My passion for building and maintaining user-friendly and accessible website stems from my innate desire to learn new concepts and add new tools/protocols at my disposal.

But all seriousness aside... I am just a enjoyable person to work with!

My Skills

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • AWS Lambda Function

  • SASS

  • jQuery

  • React

  • Firebase

  • Git


  • Accessibility

Featured Projects

Top Featured Project - League Matches

Match search / analytics website for a popular online game with 120 million user base, League Of Legends. Users can browse through details and stats of 150+ champions available and users can search for the summoner names(username) of other users and their detailed match history will be displayed.

This project was made with React, TypeScript, REST API, AWS Lambda Function
light themed trivia quiz app front-page
light themed trivia quiz app front-page

Not So Trivial Pursuit

An interactive and fully responsive web application that quizzes users based on selected API queries from OpenTrivia API. For each combination of user's choice of trivia settings, appropriate trivia quiz pops up for users. Uncompleted instances of quiz is saved using firebase and can be called back to keep playing. Group programming project with Nicole Wu, Emily Petracco, and Spencer Thompson.

This project was made with React, Firebase, REST API, HTML and SASS


A Movie search website made with vanilla JavaScript and TMDB API. You can search by movie title, actor, and Genres, and add movies to to-watch-list. Paired programming project with Meining Cheng

This project was made with REST API, HTML and SASS
dark themed movie search website front-page
yellow themed camera website front-page


PSD conversion made from client brief and design files including style guide. Fully interactive, responsive, and accessible.

This project was made with HTML and CSS

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